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Welcome to the coastal city of Galveston, Texas. Galveston takes its name from the 18th century’s Spaniard military, and political leader Bernardo de Gálvez, Count of Galveston. Built by French pirates in 1816 Galveston’s first settlements were Europeans who came to defend the Republic of Mexico and other colonies in Spanish control. After winning their independence in 1821, Mexico took control of Galveston and established the Port of Galveston not much after taking control of the island. Ironically Galveston saw its Ports in the hands of the fledgling Texas Navy during the Texas Revolution in 1836. Once Texas won its independence and joined the union later in 1845 it became a major U.S. commercial center, and one of the largest ports in the US. For a time, it was known as Texas’ largest city, and nicknamed the “Queen City of the Gulf”. Today Galveston is a resort coastal city filed with tourist attractions, and locations to visit all over. We have events such as Sports, Music, Activities, Conferences, meetings, Art Openings and Exhibitions and much more. Get out and explore Galveston Texas Events.

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