The show will be bringing back the B-25, Devil Dog out of Georgetown, Texas. Also, in the show will be Daredevil Jason Newburg flying his spectacular routine in his Viper Pitts” with Patrick Stephens and his motorcycle routine that is a favorite among fans, Stan Musick – FT-ID Corsair, Gregg Koontz will be flying his Cub drunk act and will land his Decathlon on the back of a flat- bed truck. Patrick McAllee will fly his aerobatic routine in his Blue Demon S1-GT plane, and the Tora planes from the Commemorative Air Force and a P-51 Mustang will end the show with a re-enactment of the World War II Bombing run.
A one in a life time thrill is to ride in the B-25, and the crew will be offering plane rides at a cost of $425. Or you can pre-pay and only pay $395 by visiting their website at